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I wanted to send a thank you for allowing me to adopt Polly on 08/03/16. I went to the Humane Society after leaving the Vets office. Sadly I had to have a rescue cat that I had cared for put to sleep. She had Breast Cancer. I wanted to find another cat that needed a good home & to distract me from the loss of Lily. Polly has distracted me for sure. As you can see, she has made herself right at home. The description of her on the card was spot on. I can't go into another room without her trotting by my side. So far she has not tried to go outside which I'm happy about. I find her waiting for me in the entry when I come into the house. 

I learned a great deal from Dr. Gina at Redwood Vet Hospital  regarding the increased chances of breast cancer in a pet that hasn't been spayed. I have posted this information on Facebook along with the services provided by the Humane Society & the overwhelming amount of cats that are there waiting for a good home. I'm sure that there are a number of reasons that people surrender their cats. I find it very upsetting that people take a pet home only to give them up or abandon them later. Polly is the first cat that I have adopted from the Humane Society. I've had three others that have shown up at my door. My daughter has one, another I've had for several years & Lily was my third. 

Please know that Polly will have a forever home with me. I will give her plenty of love & all the care that she needs. She's exactly the cat for me. 


Thank you,

Leslee (&Polly) 

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