Pet Supply Donation Drive

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Bring in any pet supplies during the month of July to the Humane Society of Utah Adoption Lobby, and we'll distribute them to local animal rescue groups that need them to help homeless pets in Utah. The impact of your donations will be multiplied to help save even more animals.

Most of the animal rescue groups in Utah are volunteer-run non-profit groups and rely on foster homes to house the animals in their care. These donations will allow the foster families to care for homeless pets until they are adopted. 
Animal Rescues see a huge increase in the number of homeless animals during the summer months, requiring more resources to care for them all while they try to find homes for them all.

Most rescue groups have a particular need for the following donations, new or gently used:

- Crates, Hard Sided (All sizes)
- Kitten Milk Replacement
- Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten Food
- Cat Litter
- Treats (Especially small soft treats)
- Dog Beds
- Cat Towers
- Paper Towels
- Animal Safe Cleaning Supplies/ Disinfectant
- Blankets and towels
- Toys (Dogs and Cats)
- Food Puzzles
- Flea and Tick Treatments

Any of the items on our Online Wishlist are always helpful as well.

 On behalf of all the local non-profit animal rescues and the animals in their care who will benefit from your donations, thank you for your generosity! 

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