Pancake's Story

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I fostered a beautiful Flame Point Siamese named Pancake. He was ten years old and turned in because of another pet. He was adopted and brought back because someone was allergic to him and I felt bad and decided to adopt him myself. It was kitten season and at that time it is harder for older cats to get adopted. He was stressed out and I had trouble with him urinating on my carpet and he had been checked out by the vet and there was no bladder problems just behavioral issues. For a long time I kept him in the bathroom when I was away or in bed at night. When I got up in the morning I would put him by the litter box and if he used it, I let him stay out of the bathroom all day. He also wanted to go outside all the time and he was declawed, so I got a leash for him and I would take him outside with me. He is now using the litter box like he should and I no longer have to keep him in the bathroom. I put his leash on him and take him out once or twice a day and let him sniff around. He is always happy to see me when I get home and I love him. He gets along with my other cat Pearl who is also more confident than when I got her.

-- Jane

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