Office cats “work” for room and board until adopted

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MURRAY, UT (Sept. 3, 2015) -- Humane Society of Utah invites local businesses to foster shelter cats

The Humane Society of Utah announced its Office Cat Foster Program Sept. 1, 2015. Due to the large number of cats that have been received at the Humane Society of Utah (HSU) this year and the challenge of finding homes for the more mature felines, the Office Cat Foster Program will work with approved businesses to foster cats that have been at the HSU shelter a long period of time. The program hopes to give selected cats a change of environment and increase their exposure to potential adopters. All animals are spayed/neutered, have their first set of vaccinations and adoption fees are waived for approved adopters.

Qualified businesses may foster a cat for 30-60 days or longer, are asked to provide all supplies, food and litter which are usually donated to the HSU, and help promote the cat’s availability for adoption. Office cats may be returned to the HSU shelter at any time to end the program, for exchange or to complete the adoption process.

One veterinarian clinic, Alpine Animal Hospital in Alpine, Utah, is currently fostering two office cats at their place of business. They have been posting about the adoptable felines on their social media. “We love having the ability to participate in the office cat program at our clinic. It is so nice giving these cats freedom from the shelter, the ability to socialize with other people and animals, and to get them out into public while they wait for their forever homes,” said Mike Kendig, Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarian.

Since June, the HSU has been offering special adoption incentives for cats such as low to waived adoption fees for adult cats and discounted adoption fees for kittens. All cat and kitten adoptions in September also include a free microchip certificate.

“We have received 1,292 felines since the first of June and have adopted out 1,122,” said Jessica Almeida, HSU transfer director.

The Humane Society of Utah is a member of the No-Kill Utah Coalition and has maintained a no kill status so far this year even with an open-admissions policy. “It takes a lot of work to ensure every adoptable cat finds a home and we are at capacity,” Almeida said.

Businesses interested in fostering their own office cat can contact the HSU Foster Department at 801-261-2919 ext. 215 or email