Office Cat Foster Program

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The Humane Society of Utah is looking for feline-friendly businesses to hire (foster) temporary workers to fill the position of “Office Cat” until permanent employment (adoption) can be secured.

Qualifications: Pets in the workplace have a proven record of decreasing stress and increasing job satisfaction! Plus, the vibration of cat purrs have healing powers… no really, they do.

Experience: The Humane Society of Utah will recommend a selection of adult adoptable cats who will interact well with your employees, customers and office environment. You can then come to Kitty City and pick your purrrfect employee with the assistance of a Foster staff member.

Skills: The Humane Society of Utah will continue to promote your employee (foster cat) with a photo you supply via social media a couple of times per month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram –that’s a reach of over 70,000 people! We’ll be sure to tag your business name and include it on our “Office Cat” Foster Program website page. You can brag to your clients about your Office Cat and may even find someone interested in adopting it for a waived adoption fee!


Why should you foster a cat?

The Humane Society of Utah’s Kitty City is at capacity and more kittens and cats are coming in every day. The goal of the Office Cat Foster Program is to help make room for new arrivals and give adult cats who have been at the shelter longer than others a little break. Plus, it’s a creative way to cross promote your business and help find your Office Cat a new home.

What is an ideal office or business to foster an Office Cat?

The ideal environment for an Office Foster Cat would have space for a food and water bowl, an accessible private area for a litter box such as a store room, bathroom or private office, and space for the cat to sleep without interfering with the daily operations of the office. If the office has an exterior door to the outside, the cat would need to be kept away from the door or safely monitored so he or she could not escape.

Where does the cat live in the office?

Your Office Cat will need a food and water bowl, a litter box and a bed; although they will likely choose to sleep wherever they feel most comfortable… cats like to sleep. This could be a chair, desk, couch or corner of the floor.

What happens to the cat when the office is closed?

Your Office Cat can be left alone overnight during the week with food and water. Some cats can be left alone over the weekend with plenty of food and water for a couple of days. Where this is the case, we prefer to place bonded pairs together so they have company. Of course, employees can opt to take the Office Cat home over the weekend or visit once or twice to make sure the cat is happy.

Who is responsible for the cat’s supplies?

We ask you to provide all of the supplies needed to care for the Office Cat including: food and bowls, litter and litter box, a bed, and maybe the occasional cardboard box or toys for play. The Humane Society of Utah is a private nonprofit organization that depends on the donation of these items for the animals in our care at the shelter.

What if someone in the office doesn’t like the cat or is allergic?

If the Office Cat is not a good fit for your office, the cat can be returned at any time to the Humane Society of Utah.

How long do we keep the cat?

The Office Cat will live at your office temporarily until he or she is adopted. You can also switch out Office Cats after 30-60 days.

Who can adopt the cat?

The Office Cat may be adopted by a qualifying employee, office customer or client, or by an adopter who sees the cat’s photo on the HSU website or social media post. The HSU is waiving the adoption fee for Office Cats to help them find deserving homes. Anyone interested in adopting may contact the HSU Foster department at 801-261-2919 ext. 215.

To find your Office Cat, please email