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Our two little dogs are Mia and Browny. They were adopted 7-8 years ago when I was 7. We had gone down just to look. When me and my mom got there from the store my dad who didn't understand just look, had decided he liked the miniature pinscher he was looking at. After discussing it my parents decided we could get him. Deciding he needed a friend we went back in to look for another small dog. We found Mia behind the door. My dad brought her out and we decided on her too. Now Mia is my best friend and we do everything together. In December of 2015 we decided to adopt another dog. We found Luna (previously Lennox) in a Petsmart on accident. After meeting her and having our other two meet her we decided she was a match. Before that we adopted a rabbit from Here as well. He's a black rabbit we decided on for our previous rabbit who needed a friend. They get along wonderfully and are inseparable. Our most recent adoption was two parakeets. We already had two but they were always bored and trying to get birds from outside to notice them. So we waited until the Humane Society to get parakeets in. Last week they got some and we went down and got them. Thank you so much to the Humane Society for helping us expand our family.

-- Naomi

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