Munchie's Story

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Muchie came to us a couple of months after losing our family dog of 14 years. My family was torn apart by the loss of our dog.
We came to the Humane Society with our daughter who was looking for a cat. We had no intention of replacing Rosie but while we were about to leave (without a cat) in came Muchie from a walk with one of your volunteers. Her sweet spirit melted our hearts and we knew she was meant to be with us.
I know she came from an owner that must have loved and cared for her greatly. To our surprise, Muchie came to our family completely trained not only with verbal commands but with hand signals. We can tell she was given love, training & care and “a lot” of exercise. The original owners must have been very athletic! It must have been heartbreaking to give up this wonderful dog. 
Muchie is happily fetching balls & looking forward to Tanner park opening for a swim in the lake. We did not rescue her, she rescued us.

-- Julie

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