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In March of 2015 we came to the Humane Society so our daughter could adopt a dog. In the small dog room, farthest kennel back on the left was a little chihuahua mix (we think part husky as well.) The Humane Society named her "Sandy." She arrived three days before from L.A. and was listed as five or six years old. No information came with her from L.A. She wasn't barking or whining, just full of excitement, wagging her tail and standing up against the gate in hopes we would come her way, and we did. We adopted her and renamed her "Mesa." The vet believes she's actually two or three years old. She loves kissing people over and over and infinity. She is perfectly sweet to all children and adults. We found out after adoption that she was fully house trained. She has never chewed on furniture or anything that has not been designated one of her chew toys or bones. She knew how to sit when we first brought her home. Now she knows how to lie down and roll over half way. We are often told by the vet/groomers/kennel what a sweet dog she is. She's become a favorite with them. She still has some socializing work to do with other dogs, but she is improving. She's curious about other dogs but tends to put up her "dukes" because she's afraid. I cannot begin to tell you how perfect she is (even with her socializing issues.) From the moment we adopted her, she slept in her crate at night without a single whine. If we run an errand or have several house guests over, she will wait peacefully in her crate until we arrive home or the guests are gone. She hates blow dryers, but that's okay. She rarely barks and stops immediately when told. She learned how to ring the dog bell on the door in less than a month to tell us she wanted to go outside. If we don't hear her ring the bell, she let's us know with a soft bark or finds us and leads us to the door. She is such a smart little dog. During "play time" she seems to know just the right amount so as to never hurt a person with a bite. She is so gentle when playing. She does, however, enjoy stalking and killing grasshoppers in the field. I heard rumors about chihuahuas being yappy and temperamental, but I hope people will not judge all chihuahuas with the same yardstick. Initially, I worried Mesa had been devocalized because she never barked. We found out she can bark, she just doesn't care to bark all that much. This little Chihuahua mix is a gem! She cleans herself like a cat, which means she's very clean. She is in perfect health and has gained a few needed, extra pounds since adoption. If there is one word to describe Mesa, it is loving. We feel very blessed to have found such a sweet and loving dog! Previous to owning Mesa, we thought maybe we just weren't "dog people." Now we realize there is a dog that will fit the needs of every family. My advice to those who think they are not "dog people," -- don't give up. Look for a dog that fits your family because there is one out there. Thank you to the Humane Society and anyone else who took such good care of Mesa prior to us adopting her. She has been well cared for and it shows.
-- Kristin
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