Meet Dougan!

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Adoption Listing

Dougan is currently our longest resident dog at the Humane Society of Utah. He has been with us since the Summer of 2016. He's part of our Pets in Progress program (read more below) and we are committed to finding him the best home possible to ensure his future success. He is definitely ready for his new family to walk through the door! Please help us spread the word about Dougan!

Dougan is a two-year-old Redtick Hound. He is extremely smart! His brilliance is amplified by his extreme treat motivation, making him an easy to train dog that would benefit from training classes and ongoing work from a dedicated new home. He has attended some nose work training classes here at the Humane Society of Utah, and we believe he would be an excellent working dog for hunting or search & rescue. He can be vocal -- as is normal of hound dogs -- so a home that is used to hounds would benefit him.

Dougan does best with dogs his own size and kids over the age of thirteen. He should not be in a home with any cats or small animals. He is a very active guy the loves a lot of activity and playtime, which is the reason for these restrictions. Dougan would also do best in a home where he won't be left alone for long hours at a time because of his energy level. He would do best in a home with a fenced in yard so that he can get his energy out. 

The Pets in Progress program:
HSU's initiative to successfully place animals who are currently working on some behavioral challenges. Best with experienced pet owners, they require a bit of extra training as they work towards becoming the best companions they can be. At HSU, we know they are well worth the effort!
What Dougan has to offer:
- I’m extremely intelligent & very motivated to learn, especially when there are treats involved!
- I’m a perfect gentleman on a leash, as long as I’m walked using a no-pull harness.
- I already know cues to sit, down, wait & shake. (I’ll do anything for a treat & I love to learn!)
What Dougan is working on:
- Impulse control: I have a lot of energy & when I’m excited I sometimes forget how strong I am. 
- Basic manners: I still need training to learn some of the basics, like potty training & house manners.
What Dougan is looking for:
- A very active household with hound dog experienced owners & no kids under age 13.  
- Canine companions similar in size & energy level.
- Forgiving neighbors! (I’m a hound who loves the sound of my own voice.)
- Ample mental stimulation & lots of exercise are going to be a daily necessity for me.
- Ongoing positive reinforcement training for impulse control & basic manners.
*Please note that Pets in Progress adoptions are approved by HSU’s Behavior Department.*