Mathis's Story

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My husband and I never imagined getting a cat since we both grew up having pet dogs. But as faith will have it, our two-year-old son is a "cat lover". Thanks to the Ikea stuff toy cat that he adores and his purring session with the FurReal friends Bootsie the cat. We tried to introduce him to dogs and puppies but his heart didn't sway. So when it came down to brainstorming for this year's Christmas present, we knew what to get him. 

My husband's co-worker recommended that we drop by HSU to explore our options. I finally decided to go with my toddler on November 3rd just to have a look. We were set on getting a two or three-month-old kitten and I did see a pair of Siamese kittens that I liked. Unfortunately, they were to go to a home without small children. Although disappointed, my gut told me to stick around the kitten area and maybe we'll find the right match. 

I almost didn't notice Mathis, a 7-month-old Snowshoe mix. We were distracted with the spunky orange kitten that was playing outside of his cage. As friendly and amusing the kitten was, I still wasn't sure. So when I approached the shy and timid Mathis, I wasn't really expecting much. Surprisingly, he didn't flinch away from my touch, instead, he was purring. And before I knew it, almost a half an hour has gone by and I was still petting him and he was still purring. 

I was told that he has been in HSU for more than a month, which was considered a pretty long time for a cat his age to go unadopted. They claim it was due to his shy and timid nature. One volunteer suggested that I should go with the spunky kitten instead, who will probably interact well with my son instead of shying away like Mathis. But another volunteer I spoke with suggested that with a toddler in the house, it will probably be better to go with a young cat like Mathis. According to her, Mathis will be more resilient to a toddlers love than the kitten. And she really believed that in the right home, his shy and timid nature will eventually be replaced with playfulness and curiosity.

And she was right! It's almost been two weeks since Mathis joined our family. He definitely morphed from a scaredy cat to a frisky feline. After hiding all day on day 1 in his room, he was ready to explore the house on day 2 and claimed the carpet staircase and our bed as his favorite spots to lounge. Each day he shows a new funny and playful side when he plays with his toys. Surprisingly, he likes to fetch. We learned that he enjoys greeting us when we come home. He has gained enough confidence to approach my husband and I when we are lounging in the couch to snuggle with us. And most of all, he never fails to purr in our presence.

So thank you HSU for giving us the opportunity to adopt Mathis! He's proven to be a sweet, patient, curious and playful cat. He was truly a perfect addition to our family. 

-- Vanessa

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