Maggie's Story

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We came to your center February 2015 and we were introduced to Maggie she was so sweet. When we got home with her she was nervous and stayed by my side. Everyone loved her especially our pet a black lab buddy who wanted a playmate. Maggie took over mothering skills for Buddy and they became best friends. We are so happy that we were able to add Maggie to our family. She is doing wonderful and even though she was skittish around the guys of the house at first. Now, my husband is her favorite. She just adores him in the mornings she will wait patiently for him to wake up and if he takes too long she will go in and lick his feet saying its time to get up :). I don't know why anyone wouldn't want this sweet lady but we are so happy that she found her forever home with us.

Thank you,

The Sleights