Luke's Story

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We went in to HSU to meet this adorable 11-month-old rat named Luke. One of our 3 fatty ratties had recently passed away & you could tell the 2 were missing their brother.
When we stopped in, I went straight to the cage & pulled him out. The volunteer in the small animal area made a sound of amazement & told me that I was the very 1st person that Luke did not nip at. It was instant love! 
We brought Luke home that day. We went through an introduction period & he seemed more partial to our dogs than the rats. We found out that Luke had been raised with a dog, but no other rats, so he didn't know how to 'rat'. We had to teach him that other rat friends were ok to hang out with.
Now he is a loving member of our 6 rat mischief, he welcomed his 'little brothers' when we adopted 3 more babies & takes care of them. 
He loves nothing better than chilling on the couch with a snack, watching TV. He picked up on litterbox training within a week & knows that giving 'Mama' 'kisses' is the fastest way to get a treat. 
We are so happy that HSU has a place that allows small animals, such as the ratties, to be adopted! Thank you!

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