Kisser and IntiGaia's Story

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My previously adopted dog died in October. Then one day in April, at a stoplight a block from my house, listening to Public Radio, they mentioned the adoption day. Just a peek, enough to bring back the real memory of all of the dogs I had as companions, barking and sniffing their way through all of my hard and joyful times. Instead of going home, I turned down the hill, and said, I need to see and touch them just a minute. The HSU doors opened. In the back of my mind, although we always had two, and they were larger dogs, my mind envisioned teacup size and craved a moment to hold one tiny ball of fur in my hands, soft as I stroked. The little face, kisser was his name, about a year, trembled, and looked meek. From the cage, I scooped him up. Then I saw another tiny pudgy Chihuahua. My hand of its own volition grabbed him also onto my lap. All the sorrow and stress of the weeks before disappeared and Kisser just licked and licked me with joy and acceptance. No judgment, just loving kindness. The HSU assistant came over to me sitting on the lawn and gently said, you can only have one dog out at a time. Without a seconds' hesitation, and in utter disbelief of myself, the words flowed naturally, "I' ll take them both home." It was the craziest thing I have ever done, and even my kids who prefer large dogs, found their hearts warmed to these two intrepid loving rascals. To date, Kisser and IntiGaia have climbed Mt Nebo, Lone Peak, and several other summits in the Wasatch and Wyoming to the amazement of all we meet. We watch each other's backs and find compassion for each other and the world as we travel together through life. We just finished a road trip to the ocean, and I might be wrong, but they both seemed to have an extra something in their steps as we played on the magnificent Pacific coast, far from our home in the Utah mountains. What more do you need in life? Companionship, security (even small male bony canines protect well), laughs when they wrestle together in playful kinship and groom one another's ears and eyes at night? If the world only had more animal sense of gratitude and love!

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