Kenai's Story

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I just wanted to update the HSU family on how Kenai, now more affectionately known as Kee. My sweet boy has amazed his vet with his ability to trust me. We were able to do x-rays of his back and hips while on his back with no sedative. I put him on the table and he laid his head back on my shoulder while I spoke to him in Gaelic. His vet said in his 20 years he had never seen such a thing. I knew when I saw this beautiful boy on the website and heard his story and that nobody would take a chance on him that he had to be mine. Now he is about to get his first custom vest for PTSD service dog and hearing artist. Thank you HSU for bringing him all the way from Alaska so that he could find me. He saved me and is my lifeline to having as normal a life as possible. Thank you for finding this special boy and allowing me to be his person.

-- Brandi

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