Jacque & Jesper

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In 2001 mom took us as a family to the Humane Society to look for a kitten as luck would have it we came home with two. We named them Sugar and Spice because they were both white and Sugar pure white with pink ears had the sweetest personality and Spice was super feisty with a little bit of orange they were bundles of joy and super healthy happy kittens until spice ate some plastic and had to have surgery when he was a couple years old. They were complete indoor cats were terrified of outside and it fit for they were declawed and as kids when we were all little they were perfectly cuddly and beautiful; they got along so well with our other dogs we got throughout the years and both lived very Long happy lives. Sugar however did have some gastrointestinal issues for the last five years of his life he passed away at 15 this September 30 of 2016 of lymphatic cancer and Spice passed away at 13/14 We believe also to cancer in the fall of 2014 or 2015. Their passing is still to this day surreal for life seems less without them. Now I adopted my very own two kittens that my mom fostered this October and even though Sugar's death is still fresh Jacque(grey)and Jesper(black and white) really fill up that space Spice and Sugar left and in no way do they replace them but they really do bring the best brightness in life and another meaning to how far LOVE goes and how much it grows. Jacque and Jesper get along so well also with our two dogs sparky10 muffin15(before his haircut is in picture with kittens) ! A week after they were neutered they did get sick and after a couple of trial and error we found out that they had a Feline Calicivirus Infection and were on antibiotics for about a month, and now are soo rambunctious and strong! They kicked that nasty virus's butt, and are healthy and ready for their update shots. I just have to express my gratitude for Humane Society of Utah we are so grateful for your veterinarians and your foster department for all the love and support that they have given with caring for our animals I highly recommend !!!! I truly wish you all a happy Christmas!

-- Kali

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