Izzy and Bella's Story

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I brought Bella and Izzy home on a beautiful October day. I knew I eventually wanted two or more, but had been planning on just one that day. They were playing together so well and the attendant said they came up together from LA and had been playing most of the time. The minute I held them my heart just melted.

I was nervous but had asked lots of questions to make sure they would fit my lifestyle. Having them made my home lighter and more joyful:)

There were, of course, adjustments. Izzy had obviously been severely abused before I adopted her and I had to be careful to not raise my voice or make quick moves towards her. She had a lot of anxiety and was nervous to be held, confined, or to be in tight spaces. She chewed things up and had a hard time relaxing. She'd punish herself by hiding in a corner and shivering violently if she felt that she did something wrong like sneak a piece of food of my plate while I was in the kitchen. We worked together, got appropriate chew toys, moved at her pace, worked with the vet, and took a beginning training class to help ease her fears and help her trust again. The first time she crawled under the covers to cuddle with me, I just bawled while Bella and Izzy snuggled up. She has done a complete 180 and now loves people. She still has occasional bouts of anxiety, but she is happy and loving and so much fun! She is also the smartest dog in the world:) I tell this story just to let people know to not give up on animals who've had some past troubles, it takes patience, love, training, and moving at their pace, but the rewards are incredible!!

Last year, we added Remi to our family (from Best Friends) and it is beautiful chaos. To see all 3 of them wrestling, running, and cuddling is amazing. My life is complete and full like it has never been before. In addition, I know that their lives have been made better and I can see it in their wagging tails, slobbery kisses, their begs for belly rubs, and their zoomies (running back and forth at top speed in the house or yard!) I love my family:)

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