HSU statement on abandonment of three dogs in Woods Cross

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In the midst of holiday celebration, we’re sadly reminded of the gruesome suffering some animals endure. Three extremely emaciated dogs were abandoned in a Woods Cross, Utah, home when the owners were evicted. We’re thankful to Davis County Animal Control for taking care of these dogs and to the police for their due diligence in arresting the couple responsible. The Humane Society of Utah asks that the Luceros are held responsible for these acts of animal cruelty and be charged to the full extent of the law. “According to the reported condition of these dogs, it is obvious that they have been neglected for some time,” said Gene Baierschmidt, HSU executive director. “The Luceros face charges of animal cruelty for neglecting to provide necessary care and abandonment. Both violations would be Class B misdemeanors if committed intentionally or knowingly.”

There are resources available to help pet owners in difficult times. The Humane Society of Utah and local animal control services are here to help. Seek assistance if you ever experience hardship or know someone who is unable to provide adequate care for their pets, don’t let the innocent animals suffer. 

Photo by Woods Cross Police via KSL.com


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