HERO Camp Modifications 2020

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Due to the COVID-19 concern, we have made the following modifications to our H.E.R.O. Summer Kids' Camp this year:
  •  A maximum of eight campers with three staff members. Campers will stay together all day, each day.
  • To minimize the sharing of high-touch materials, each camper will be given their own plastic tote to use all week. They will be given all of their own supplies, which will be kept in their tote. The tote will also be used to store items from home.
  • A staff member will check each Camper’s temperature each morning upon arrival at camp. Parents will need to complete a short health questionnaire each morning. This questionnaire will be sent to parents before the first day of camp.
  •  Everyone must wear masks at all times, including parents/guardians at drop-off and pick-up. A fun animal mask will be provided for each camper on the first day of camp. It is the camper’s responsibility to keep this mask clean during the week of camp.
  • Staff members will review proper hygiene each morning with the campers; including proper handwashing, and cough/sneeze etiquette. 
  • Staff and other campers will maintain a 6-foot distance whenever possible.
  • Staff will facilitate the animal interactions with each child, one at a time.
  • Campers and staff will use hand sanitizer before and after each animal interaction. We will encourage routine hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the day.
  • In accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations, the Utah Humane Society will continue to clean and disinfect all areas of the shelter and camp area daily.
  • Utah Humane Society staff will continue to practice social distancing outside of work to limit potential exposure to COVID-19. Utah Humane Society staff will continue to self-report any potential symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 as required under current organizational policies and procedures set in place on April 23, 2020.