Harley's Story

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I adopted Harley back on April 03-04 (I can't remember the exact date) and I just remember we were going to the shelter to look at dogs after our other dog we had adopted had passed away of old age. Well, of course, we found a bunch of dogs we loved and went to the front to inquire about them. When I went up front to ask about the other dogs the girl asked me "Did you see Harley?" - I looked at my list and said no..no Harley. She said can I show you Harley? I said sure. In a Kennel scared and a little intimidated was a black and white Aussie, named Harley. He had been in the shelter, adopted out and brought back because he was to timid for the house he went to. I love herding breeds and said well let's take him out of there and see what he thinks. Needless to say, Harley never went back in that building and he went home with me. That girl at the front desk just knew we needed each other. Well, the paperwork said Harley was about 2...my vet said 2-4 years old and I still have Harley today. They think he is 17-19 years old and he is still my baby and will forever be the dog that stole my heart.

-- Brandi

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