Goldie's Story

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We lost our dog a couple months before we visited the Humane Society. She was old and it was her time. Well, our other dog was rather lonely because since a pup he's always had another dog around. So we came out to the Humane Society. We looked at a couple dogs but never found one we liked. We finally found one that one of the staff members was taking care of at her house because of medical things the dog had. After emailing her and setting up a meet and greet. We loved her. The dog's name is Goldie! Super happy dog and we even brought our dog to meet her. Everything seemed to go well so we brought Goldie home. While we were filling out paperwork and whatnot all the staff who walked by kept asking "which dog are you adopting?" When we would respond "Goldie" they were all excited because Goldie had been there a long time. After coming home Goldie went into a kind of depression. I think she really got attached to the staff member she was staying with. She would hide under our computer desk or kitchen table or even hid in her bed and would not come out. I'm not sure we saw much of her those first couple days. But after helping her to go outside and setting food by her I think she got curious and would come look around and then run back to the bed. This went on for like a week.

Well, my oldest was in kindergarten and to try to help her come out of her depression we would take her for walks. We weren't sure how she would react to going on a walk to the elementary to drop our oldest off. But that was the best thing we ever did to help her. On the way to the school she wasn't so excited but while waiting for the bell to ring we would be standing around the kindergarten area. All the kids would come up to us and want to give her a pet. We would let them, and Goldie would get so excited! She loved that! That helped out of anything else we could do. And it only got better from there.

I did notice that Goldie warmed up to my wife a lot faster and more than she did to me. I would notice things as I would walk around the house or even when putting her in her bed that she would do that i could tell she was rather nervous around me. Walking down the hallway if Goldie was in front of me or by my legs she would do anything she could to get out of my way, even if that meant bumping or hitting into things, even if she got injured. I think her original owner kicked her, because I never even acted like I would kick her, but she still acted like that. When putting her in her bed she would do the same, the moment there was even a little bit of an opening for her bed she would try to force her way in even if it injured herself. Again I think her original owner would kick her if she didn't get in bed fast enough.

We got Goldie Nov 2017--Jumping forward to today in Aug 2018 she is doing great! She does not get nervous or try to get out of my way anymore. She is playing with our other dog and running around the backyard with him. They play well together and they love going on walks with us. She is doing so well! She even gets excited when we have visitors come over. She will bark when they first come over but then lets them pet her. She has been a great addition to our family and we are so excited that she is in our home! She is also never far from mom (my wife). She follows her everywhere. Which has been fun to watch Goldie warm up and realize she is part of the family. For some reason, a favorite spot during dinner time is right under our 1-year-old's high chair...can't imagine why :)

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