Galaxy's Story

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The day my fiancé and I adopted Galaxy "Lexi" we actually really had no intention of getting a puppy. We've talked about getting a puppy for a while and we both wanted one but we were going to wait a little while longer. That day we were going to go swimming but I suggested stopping by the shelter to pet the dogs and just look around for a minute then we could go to the pool, so my fiancé being the amazing guy he is agreed and drove us there. We went right to the dogs and the minute we saw Galaxy and played with her for a few minutes we fell in love. I told my fiancé that we had to take her and we weren't leaving without her so we took her home and we just love this pup! 
Galaxy was extremely timid and quiet at the shelter and for the first day at home but now that she's warmed up and relaxed she's a completely different puppy! She's so much fun to have around and we love taking her to the park to run and she loves meeting new dogs and chasing them around. Its so much fun to watch her play with other dogs, she especially loves smaller dogs or little kids, she'll get really excited and instantly want to play with any small doggy or child she sees. Lexi is so happy in her new home and we're so glad we decided to make a stop at the humane society that day!! 

-Brittney & Mike



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