Finn's Story

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Dear Utah Humane Society,

I was brought to your office from a shelter in Los Angeles, CA. You named me "Sal". 
Fate brought my mom and dad to the office on Saturday January 14th and my life and their lives were forever changed. They brought me home to meet my new sister Pearl and my new brother Jake. They thought I looked like a "Finn" and changed my name. I am so excited to have a new home to call my own. 
I have a doggie door to go outside and play whenever I want and a big bed to sleep in at night with my mom, dad, and new siblings. At first I was really scared and tucked my tail between my legs and wanted to hide under the table. Now I am playing with my own toys and I really like to play with my new brother and sister by playing chase down the hall and under the bed. Today I got a new haircut and I'm a very handsome boy under all this hair. 
Thank you for saving my life and leading me to my new family. My wishes came true. My mom and dad wanted to send some pictures to show you my before and after. 


Finn Robbins
formerly "Sal"



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