February is adopt a rescued rabbit month

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The Humane Society of Utah encourages people to consider rabbits as pets too

During the month of February, the Humane Society of Utah is offering a special adoption fee of $20 for one rabbit or $30 for two. All adoptable animals are neutered or spayed and HSU can help educate people on the proper equipment needed, care and training of their new pet rabbit.

People may not realize that bunnies are affectionate, intelligent, adorable companions that make good house pets. Following are some reasons to consider adopting your own long-eared friend from the Humane Society of Utah this month:

  • Bunnies are the best of both worlds. They offer the social companionship of a dog and can be litter trained like a cat.
  • Bunnies are quiet, clean and may even be walked on a leash.
  • Many people who are allergic to dogs and cats are not allergic to rabbits.
  • Bunnies make good pets for city dwellers. They are happy to stay in their cage when unattended and love to hop around the bunny-proofed rooms when you are home.
  • Rabbits have a long life span and can live 10-15 years with the proper care and diet.
  • Bunnies need homes too. Along with the dogs and cats at the Humane Society or Utah, we have many rabbits waiting for a new family to love them.
  • Two bunnies are better than one. A bonded pair of rabbits can share the same space, food, water and litter tray while keeping each other company.

“I personally grew up with rabbits as pets,” said Deann Shepherd, HSU representative. “They have unique personalities, are really entertaining, easy to care for and of course, very soft to pet.”

For more information about the adoption process and to see a list of available rabbits in HSU’s Bunny Bungalows, visit http://www.utahhumane.org.