Echo and Yoshi's Story

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We adopted Echo about a year ago and have loved having her in our lives. We noticed that she seemed to have anxiety problems related to our leaving her home alone when we went to work, so, we decided to look into getting another cat to keep her company. 

We took Yoshi in on a two-week trial to make sure he got along with Echo; of course, we fell in love with him right away so we were released when the two seemed to tolerate each other ok. They still aren't BFFs but Echo is happier now she isn't alone, and Yoshi is pretty laid back. 

I'd like to thank the kind people at HSU who helped us with the adoption process, and who took such good care of Echo and Yoshi before we adopted them. We very gratefully bring our cats in once a month to get their claws trimmed and the folks at HSU have always been great.

If you are thinking of getting a cat, I highly recommend the Humane Society. And look at the older cats; their personalities are fully developed and you can tell right off if you will get along. We adopted Echo when she was five years old, and Yoshi when he was eight.

-- Leslie

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