Don’t be afraid to adopt a black pet during Halloween

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MURRAY, UTAH (Oct. 31, 2016) -- Don’t be afraid to adopt a black pet during Halloween
The Humane Society of Utah promotes the adoption of black pets in October
The Humane Society of Utah (HSU) promoted the adoption of black dogs, cats and rabbits during the month of October. Contradicting the myth that black cats may be sacrificed during Halloween, HSU has encouraged adoptions due to an overcrowding of cats in the adoption center located at 4242 S 300 W in Murray, Utah. Approved adopters saved $31 off the adoption fee for black dogs
 cats and rabbits had a waived adoption fee. The regular adoption process still applies, and selected long-term resident adoptions made Monday, Oct. 31, will include a free pet costume.
“Shelters receive many black animals, and they too need homes like any other pet,” said Deann Shepherd, HSU representative. “We’d be doing a disservice to the animals if we prevented them from finding homes based on unfounded myths and superstitions. We may come up with creative campaigns to promote adoption, and we trust our adoption process to fit the right animals with the right owners. This process does not change during events or with discounted and waived fees.”
Long-term residents at the shelter will don fun Halloween pet costumes to appeal to new adopters Monday, Oct. 31. “These pets are pulling out all the tricks to find a new home and adopters can receive a free costume for their new pet while supplies last,” Shepherd said.
There is no substantial evidence to support Halloween related sacrifices of black cats and even, a website that investigates rumors and urban legends, tried to set the record straight a decade ago when many shelters prohibited the adoption of black cats during the season. 
The Humane Society of Utah does recommend some safety reminders to all pet owners during the holiday:
  • Keep pets away from trick-or-treat candy and chocolate.
  • Bring pets inside and keep them away from the door.
  • Be aware that the increased number of people and costumes may cause stress to your pet.
  • Don’t keep lit pumpkins or candles around pets.
  • Only dress your pet in a safe and unrestrictive costume if they tolerate it well.
  • Do not leave your pet unsupervised in a costume.
  • Ensure your pet wears proper ID, is microchipped and owner information is updated.
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