Cricket's Story

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We adopted Cricket after losing our beloved beagle. We were looking for an older dog that was pretty calm and would love to go on walks. What we got is totally the opposite. When we walked in the door Cricket was in a pen doing her best to get out and something about her little face just called to us. 
We have not had a puppy for 22 years so we must be a little crazy. Cricket is the happiest little dog, she is our constant shadow and wants to help with whatever we are doing.
The cars are still out on their judgement but she loves them and is determined that they will eventually play with her.
I wanted a dog to go on walks with me but she is not sure about the walks yet so I walk and pack her which she seems to think works out just fine.
Cricket loves everyone she meets and they are quite smitten with her. She is the softest little wiggle worm and her tail goes a hundred miles a minute.
Cricket starts puppy training on late this month. We are so happy to have found this little puppy.

-- Carolyn

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