Create a COVID-19 Pet Plan

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Emergency Preparedness for Pets

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and after experiencing recent earthquake activity in the northern Utah area, the Utah Humane Society is sharing the following tips to keep your pets safe in case of an emergency. Click HERE to read additional tips regarding natural disaster preparedness considerations to reduce injury, loss, and suffering during a disaster.

It is essential to include your furry family members in all of your disaster preparedness and emergency planning. Now is a necessary time to discuss the following steps with your family or friends to ensure your animals will be well cared for in the event of an emergency.

  1. According to the CDC, there is no evidence that people can get COVID-19 from pets. If you aren’t feeling well but are still able to provide care for your pet, please keep them at home with you where they’re most comfortable.
  2. If you do become too ill to care for your pet, or you need to be hospitalized, designate someone else in your home who can help or ask a neighbor, friend, coworker, or family member who could take them for you. Speak directly with those people, so they’re prepared ahead of time.
  3. Prepare a pet supply kit. Your kit should include the following items:
  • Name and contact information for the person who can care for your pets and a back-up person.
  • A 2-week supply of food, treats, medications (with directions and prescriptions), and any other supplies necessary to care for your pet. Don't forget cat litter/litter box, puppy pads, and cleaning supplies.
  • A crate or carrier to transport your pet, leash/harness, blanket, and toys.
  • Up-to-date vaccination records.
  • Collars with ID tags (make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date).
  • Daily care instructions.
  • Contact information for your veterinary clinic.

Leave your pet’s carrier or crate, kit, and any documents in one location so the person can easily collect the supplies they need to care for your pet if needed. 

During this time, we hope you stay home and stay safe with your pets to keep you company!


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