Chunk's Story

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We adopted Chunk 8 months ago and it was the best thing we could have done! Chunk is a pit-bull terrier who was transferred from another shelter, he had no history and I think he may have been a mischievous mutt too! But needless to say, we fell in love with this slobbery 50-pound lap dog and brought him home. It wasn't always easy at first, we had to start from the beginning with potty, house and obedience training. But it turned out that all Chunk needed was lots of love and a new home to become the best dog ever! He has more personality in 1 paw than most people! His hobbies include dragging his blankie around the house, giving kisses, running around the gets excited and snuggling WAYY too much with mom and dad. He does great with big dogs, little dogs, babies, kids and adults. He loves everyone and everyone loves Chunk! Don't let the breed scare you, pit-bulls are some of the best dogs out there if you are willing to give them some love and a chance. We will definitely be back to the HSU to get Chunk a sibling soon!

-- Kori & Justin

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