Cat Injured by Blowgun, $3,000 Reward Offered

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Photo by Mountain West Animal Hospital

Photo from Mountain West Animal Hospital Facebook album March 22.

MURRAY, UT (March 25, 2016) -- Humane Society of Utah adds to reward for arrest in cat shot with blow dart case


The Humane Society of Utah (HSU) is adding a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for shooting a cat named Miss Kiss with blow darts. The HSU hopes the reward assists South Utah Valley Animal Shelter and the Spanish Fork Police Department in obtaining information required to identify and charge whoever is responsible for this allegedly intentional act of animal cruelty.


Miss Kiss, a domestic shorthair tabby, was found last week along the Spanish Fork River Trail and brought to South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. The shelter contacted Utah Valley Animal Rescue, who arranged veterinary care through Mountain West Animal Hospital.


In a Facebook post by Mountain West Animal Hospital March 22, two blow dart injuries were found on the cat. A large bore steel blow dart was surgically removed from the cat’s brain and a tip from a second blow dart was found in the right leg. The leg injury is reported to be approximately two weeks old. It is not known if the same person is responsible for both injuries.


“We’re happy to hear that Miss Kiss is recovering thanks to the efforts of everyone involved,” said Deann Shepherd, HSU representative. “The fact that someone intentionally targeted this helpless animal is extremely disturbing, especially if the same person repeatedly targeted and injured the cat over time.”


According to the Utah State Criminal Code, it is a third degree felony for a person to intentionally or knowingly torture a companion animal. Torture is defined as intentionally or knowingly causing or inflicting extreme physical pain to an animal in an especially heinous, atrocious, cruel or exceptionally depraved manner.


Anyone with information regarding who may have shot Miss Kiss with a blowgun is urged to contact the Spanish Fork Police Department at 801-804-4700 or John Fox, HSU chief investigator, at 801-261-2919 ext. 210.