Animal shelter swap helps pets in Utah

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MURRAY, UT (Jan. 20, 2016) -- Humane Society of Utah holds swap with local animal rescues and shelters in need of supplies


The Humane Society of Utah (HSU) held a transfer and rescue partner swap Sunday, Jan. 17 at the HSU facility located in Murray, Utah to trade pet food and supplies, medical items, pet toys, blankets and other products needed by local animal rescue groups and shelters. HSU received generous donations during a recent holiday drive and decided to share some of the excess supplies with other local partners.


“In a continued spirit of holiday giving, we wanted to share what we received with our friends since some of the smaller shelters do not receive donations of this kind,” said Jessica Whipple, HSU transfer and rescue director. “We want people to know that when they help support the Humane Society of Utah, they’re helping animals all over the state too.”


All donations received during the holiday season were sorted and needed items were kept by HSU staff for the upcoming year. Extra supplies and goods with expiration dates were set aside for the swap to avoid waste. “Some rescues and shelters had extra items of their own that they brought and traded, so everyone helped each other out,” said Whipple.


Over 82 members of a Utah shelter and rescue group were invited to the event. Members attended from South Salt Lake Animal Control, Davis County Animal Control, volunteers from Sandy Animal Control, volunteers from South Utah Valley Animal Control, CAWS, Fuzzy Pawz, Wag-N-Train, Friends of Community Cats, Boxer Rescue of Idaho, Second Chance for Homeless Pets, Herding Haven and Arctic Rescue. 


“There were some items left over after the swap, so we're reaching out to a couple of groups who work with the homeless and their pets, a few rescues and shelters who weren't able to attend, and we may even send some things to The Road Home,” said Whipple. “It was a successful event and we think next year will be even bigger.”


The Humane Society of Utah regularly transfers animals between other shelters and rescue groups to help increase the animals’ chance of adoption. Some animals transferred to HSU may be in need of care that the HSU Clinic and Foster Care Program can provide before adoption. Other animals may be sent to a rescue group that can provide specialized care. In 2015, 3,064 animals were transferred to HSU from other shelters.