Aerie's Story

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We adopted the most beautiful Russian blue about 12 years ago from HSU. Her name is Aerie (a.k.a. Aerie bear) She is the most wonderful cat in the world with quite the personality. She loves everyone she meets and is great with our other cats. She likes to play mama bear with them and she takes great care of the clowder when I'm away. Her favorite things are; rolling in the grass on a warm day, greeting guests at the door, sleeping on your lap right before you want to get up, and giving love bites to your toes that stick out of the blanket at 6am ish. :) She just turned 13 in March and was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. We found out early enough to get her on the right meal plan to slow the disease. I can't image my world without her in it. She was the first cat I ever owned and she has been with me in every aspect of my life. She was even a trooper and drove cross country with me. She loved the hotel stays and even got to visit the largest litter box known to humans and the beach. I'm so thankful for HSU for helping my bear find her forever home. I still remember the day I got to take her home. She is a treasure to me and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Thank you HSU.

-- Jess


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