$5,000 reward offered for Utah cat tortured, set on fire

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MURRAY, UT (July 23, 2020) — Humane Society of Utah offers a reward for arrest and conviction in domestic cat torture case
On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, a critically injured cat wandered into the yard of a woman living in Hildale, Utah. After taking the cat to a veterinarian in Hurricane, it was discovered that the cat had been tied up and set on fire. Additional open wounds indicated that the cat, now named Sterling, had been tortured. The Humane Society of Utah is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for the torture of Sterling. As a local nonprofit animal welfare organization, the Humane Society of Utah hopes the reward assists the Colorado City Marshal’s Office in obtaining information required to identify and charge whoever is responsible for this disturbing act of animal cruelty.
The Humane Society of Utah’s advocacy director, Rachel Heatley, was alarmed by the viciousness of the attack on Sterling. “Hildale is known to be a tough spot for animals, but this level of cruelty should unnerve the community,” said Heatley. “In the interest of public safety, an individual who is capable of torturing an animal needs to be identified and taken off the street as soon as possible.” 
Studies show that violence against humans and violence against animals are interrelated. Referred to as “The Link,” this interrelationship suggests that one type of violence tends to indicate the existence of or lead to other forms of violence. “This needs to be taken seriously. Who knows what else this person or these people are capable of,” said Heatley. 
Sterling is currently in the care of RSQ Dogs, a companion animal rescue organization based in St. George, Utah. The Humane Society of Utah is grateful for the tireless efforts of RSQ Dogs in helping animals like Sterling and bringing awareness to the plight of animals in the underserved communities of Hildale and Colorado City. 
Anyone with information regarding who tortured Sterling is urged to contact the Colorado City Marshal’s Office dispatch at 928-875-2695. Any tipster can choose to remain anonymous.