Media: 14 July 2020

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Seniors Benefit from Foster Pet Visits

When her mother moved into a senior community center in 2016, a long-time Utah Humane Society foster volunteer, Shauna Ostler, saw an opportunity to address two issues with one great idea. Shauna's mother missed her pets, and her foster animals needed opportunities to socialize with people. 

Dogs Riding in Truck Beds


Is It Illegal in Utah for Animals to Ride Unrestrained on Flatbed Trucks? 

Unfortunately, it is perfectly legal for an animal to ride unrestrained on the flatbed of a truck in the state of Utah. Though not illegal, it is incredibly dangerous for the animal and other motorists. The Humane Society of Utah adamantly opposes this practice and urges drivers to find an alternative way to transport their animals, such as a fully secured crate or, even better, inside the cab of the truck.