Media: 26 September 2016

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Maggie's Story

We came to your center February 2015 and we were introduced to Maggie she was so sweet. When we got home with her she was nervous and stayed by my side. Everyone loved her especially our pet a black lab buddy who wanted a playmate. Maggie took over mothering skills for Buddy and they became best friends. We are so happy that we were able to add Maggie to our family. She is doing wonderful and even though she was skittish around the guys of the house at first. Now, my husband is her favorite.

Echo and Yoshi's Story

We adopted Echo about a year ago and have loved having her in our lives. We noticed that she seemed to have anxiety problems related to our leaving her home alone when we went to work, so, we decided to look into getting another cat to keep her company. 

We took Yoshi in on a two-week trial to make sure he got along with Echo; of course, we fell in love with him right away so we were released when the two seemed to tolerate each other ok. They still aren't BFFs but Echo is happier now she isn't alone, and Yoshi is pretty laid back.