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Zoey's Story

Zoey pic

When we first met Zoey, we thought she was adorable. We have taken her camping and what hound wouldn't enjoy all of those smells! LOL. She had been adopted 4 other times and she is only a year old. I know that she was misunderstood. She is so lovable that she just wants to be petted and touched. She is a handful and still needs a lot of work but she is here to stay. She runs full throttle in the back yard and loves to sleep in the sun. The biggest problem with her is she steals food from anywhere that she can reach.

Tootsie's Story

Tootsie pic
We adopted Tootsie on July 31st, 2015. We had her on trial for a few weeks prior and fell in love. We named her Tootsie because she is so sweet. She fits in perfectly with my husband, me and our dog Boo Radley. She is a sweet, timid girl that loves to be loved on. She is a professional sleeper, loves to be tucked into a blanket and holds the title for "Best Snore" in our house. Her pink belly with black spots remind me of a mini cow and is totally adorable.

Simba's Story

Simba pic
I found this guy at Petsmart and fell in love with him right away! He was all smiles and quite the show off. When I started reading his information sheet I noticed the Humane Society gave him the name Kelly. I knew right then it must have been destiny as that is my name. LOL!! He fit perfect into our family. Lots of energy, and a cuddle bug. Thank you for bringing him to Pet smart that day!! We love our new fur baby ❤
We found out he's ticklish!
-- Kelly

Star's Story

Star pic
I got my sweet Star December 2014. I had another bunny named Snuggles and he needed a companion. So when I went to the Humane Society I was specifically looking for a friend for him. I looked at all the bunnies and all of them were nippy or already had a companion. All except star. She came right up to me when I opened her cage and started licking me. I knew she was the one! That night I got a tote and she slept in my rooms with me. She actually ended up on my bed with me because I was so happy to have her!

Ryuk's Story

Ryuk pic
Ryuk is adapting very well to his new home. He loves to watch me play video games and often times he will try to take the controller away from me by laying on it. 
The Vet said he can tell the kitty is well loved. His favorite food is Blue Buffalo Kitten Food mixed with whitefish and sardines.
-- Cory

$5,000 reward offered for hawk shooting

Ferruginous Hawk

MURRAY, UT (July 23, 2015) -- Humane Society of Utah offers reward for arrest in ferruginous hawks shooting case

The Humane Society of Utah (HSU) is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for the death of two baby ferruginous hawks found shot dead near their nest two weeks ago in Tooele County, Utah. The HSU hopes the reward assists the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in obtaining information required to identify and charge whoever is responsible for this wanton act of animal cruelty.

Days of ’47 big dog, cat adoption specials

HSU discounts big dogs July 20-24 and continues cat deals through July

The Humane Society of Utah will be offering $47 adoption fees for dogs 30 pounds and over July 20-24 to celebrate the Days of ’47. The shelter will be open for adoptions Friday, July 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.located at 4242 South 300 West in Murray, Utah. A list of available animals may be found at

New Homes, Thanks To Mountain America Credit Union

MACU pic

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) can partner with you to help find your dream home with as little as $1,000 down and 100% financing to match. For a limited time, for each new first-time home loan financed, Mountain America will donate to the Humane Society of Utah. It’s an excellent way to give pets their first real home! Watch the video below for an inside look at a dog’s new home!