Lost & Found Pets

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Lost Pet Tips

If you have found a lost or stray pet, please take them to your local animal control agency. HSU cannot take in stray pets and requires proof of ownership for surrendered pets. Since owners will be searching in their local area, the chances of finding their pet are higher at those shelters. 

If you have lost your pet, the Humane Society of Utah urges you to visit your local Animal Control shelter first. Contact our Admissions Department during regular business hours at (801) 261-2919 ext. 295 if you do not locate your pet through Animal Control first.

We encourage you to view our Stray Listing Search linked to several other shelters. Visit local shelters and veterinary clinics in person since it may be difficult to find a pet based on a verbal description or photo.

We also invite you to visit our Admissions Department during regular business hours to view our Stray Book and fill out a lost pet profile. You are also welcome to give us a flyer to hang in our Admissions Lobby. 

Remember to keep checking with us and other shelters as stray holding periods depends on when the animal is received. Some individuals attempt to find owners on their own before bringing the animal to a shelter. Also, try the Facebook Group: Utah Lost and Found Pets. Read more tips at PawBoost and consider using My Lost Pet Alert services.

We strongly recommend having your pet microchipped as it is a safe and permanent way to identify your animal.