Join the Humane Society of Utah in our advocacy effort to pass prohibitory dog in truck bed legislation: HB 92 (Transportation of Dogs Act)

Our advocacy team is currently working on legislation to make it illegal for a dog to ride unrestrained in a truck bed on high-speed roads. We are asking YOU to join us in this effort to protect Utah communities and our furry friends.

dogs in truck beds

Dogs riding unrestrained in a truck bed are at risk of being ejected from the vehicle in the event of an accident, are exposed to unforgiving Utah weather conditions, and risk being struck by flying debris. Untethered companion animals also pose a risk to public safety and contribute to distracted driving. 

  • Over 100,000 dogs die each year from riding unrestrained in the back of a truck bed.*
  • A 10-pound dog will exert about 500 pounds of force in a collision at 30 MPH. Under the same circumstances, an 80-pound dog will exert 2,400 pounds of force.** 
  • A driver that removes their eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles their chances of being involved in an accident. Watching a wandering dog in your mirror therefore increases your chances of an accident.**

Here is how YOU can help companion animals in Utah!

  1. Find out who your local representative is here.
  2. Write your representative a letter asking for their support of HB 92 (Transportation of Dogs Act) . Use one of our templates below or create your own. Feel free to pull facts from the list above to bolster your argument!
  3. Sign and share this petition.
  4. Follow our Dog in Truck Bed Page and Utah Humane on Facebook to share our posts on this topic. 
  5. Sign up for advocacy alerts to stay updated.
  6. Urge your friends and family to do the same by sharing the link to this page with them. 

With the passage of this legislation, the only option to transport your pet will be a safer one. Thank you for helping to prohibit dogs from riding unrestrained in the back of trucks on high-speed roads and thank you for helping us to Change Their World™.

*Remember Safety While Driving with Pets, American Humane,…

**Dog Travel Statistics, Kurgo,


Dear Representative XXX,

[Introduce yourself as a concerned constituent]

[Explain why you believe driving with a dog unrestrained in the back of a truck should be illegal]

[Ask the Rep. to support HB 92 (Transportation of Dogs Act)]

[Thank them for their time and consideration]


XXX, a concerned constituent


Dear Representative XXX,

I ask kindly as one of your constituents that you consider supporting the prohibitory dog in truck bed legislation, HB 92 (Transportation of Dogs Act). A dog riding unrestrained in the back of a truck poses serious public safety and animal welfare concerns. 

Specifically, XXX. 

Please consider cosponsoring this legislation and help make Utah a safer place for companion animals and humans alike. Thank you. 


XXX, Concerned Constituent