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Meet Our Team! 


Our Humane Education Director adopted Winnie in 2020. Her sweet as can be demeanor and love for kids made her a perfect fit for our education team. A few of her favorite things are tennis balls and neck scratches. Children's faces light up when Winnie enters their classroom. She helps kids learn how to meet a dog properly and even helps some overcome their fears. Winnie is a true ambassador and steals the hearts of everyone she meets.


Perhaps our most intriguing education animal, Etta, is a  cloud-like ball of wonder (officially called a chinchilla). Her unique fur and body often bring about many questions, making her a delight to share. Even when the questions have been exhausted, Etta continues to amuse those who meet her with her silly antics. This precious fuzzball is the newest addition to our education team and will no doubt inspire young minds daily. 


It's hard not to picture a wizard when you see Murray in person! It's something about his wild bangs and sweeping mutton chops that give him a magical air. Murray can cast spells on even shy hearts—his calm nature, cute poses, nose wiggles, and love of head pets tend to get everyone he meets to fall in love. Murray has been part of our education team since he was only weeks old. He has grown into his role as an education ambassador flawlessly and thrives off the adoration he receives.

Stevie and Nicks

While this pair of sister guinea pigs might not have the fame that their namesake does, they are still rockstar education team members! The department's humans had Dreams of meeting talkative, goofy, and friendly guinea pigs that could show off what great companions they make, and Stevie and Nicks won over their hearts in a Landslide. Now, these two Don't Stop causing laughter and bringing joy to all that they meet.


From rags to riches, Spud went from having little to living in a hamster mansion. Although often referred to as the team's mini polar bear, Spud is exactly how you might describe a child's teddy: friendly, cheerful, and with bundles of energy and warmth. Spud is always eager to cross many little hands and teach about his ever-fascinating cheek pouches and hamster habits.

Snoop Hoggy Hog

Don't let his prickly appearance or red eyes fool you! Snoop Hoggy Hog is a laid-back hedgehog who thrives on naps and snacks. One of our most popular education animals, Snoop teaches the most about patience, body language, and what it takes to own an exotic animal (even the not-so-fun cleaning up part). Every bit as sweet as he is spiney, Snoop is both pleasant to hold and entertaining to watch

Harvey & Harold

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you! What you're looking at are indeed hairless rats. Crushing stigmas and breaking stereotypes, Harvey and Harold can turn even the most fearful into rat lovers with just a twitch of their whiskers. These brothers are intelligent, food-loving, shoulder surfing, sociable boys that look forward to each education opportunity


Milton & Nellie

These fuzzy, slinky-like ferrets easily win the affection and adoration of every kid they meet! Playful like kittens, snuggly like puppies, and mischievous to boot, Milton and Nellie have something to offer no matter what you like. The only true carnivores of the education critter team, these two ferrets have loads to teach about their needs and care.



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