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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Humane Society of Utah (HSU) Foster Parent! The Foster Care program exists to help animals that have already been surrendered for adoption. If you have a personal pet that you cannot keep for a period of time because of a personal problem, please look into local boarding/daycare facilities. 

Important information:

  • Medicine will always be supplied for sick animals.
  • Kitten and puppy milk replacement formula will be provided for orphaned babies without a mama.
  • We ask that foster parents provide the food for their foster pets unless otherwise indicated for a sick animal.
  • In the Spring and Summer, our greatest need is for mama cats with litters, bottle feeding kittens, and orphaned kittens that are not bottle feeding but need more time before being ready for adoption.
  • If you wish to be a foster parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your own pets are always current on their vaccinations. This includes Bordetella.
  • Foster time in homes ranges from 10 days to approximately 2 months. We ask that you keep the animal(s) as long as it takes to ensure their good health and adoptability.

After you submit the application, you will be contacted by our Foster Care staff. Please allow one to two weeks for a response.

Personal Information:
Please describe your living situation in this section:
If you have dogs living at your residence, please answer the following questions. If no dogs, skip this section.
If you have cats living at your residence, please answer the following questions. If no cats, skip this section.
Fostering Information:
If you are interested in fostering dogs, please answer the following questions. If you are not interested in fostering dogs, skip this section.