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Our Transfer Team Has a New Name

The Humane Society of Utah transfer team has a new name—Shelter Overpopulation Animal Rescue or SOAR for short. In 2020, our transfer team gave 2,657 at-risk animals a second chance by bringing them to the Humane Society of Utah to offer medical and behavioral help and to find new loving homes through our adoption center.

The mission of SOAR is simple—to save as many lives as we can. SOAR partners with over 150 shelters and rescue groups across Utah and neighboring states to safely transfer animals from overcrowded and underfunded shelters to the Humane Society of Utah.

The Humane Society of Utah utilizes SOAR where there is the most significant need, including partnering with high-volume shelters and shelters in rural areas with fewer public visitors and low adoption rates. We often transfer from the more distant shelters via flights to decrease the travel stress on these pets.

Some of our most frequent in-state partners include:

North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, Salt Lake County Animal Services, South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, Uintah County Animal Shelter, and West Valley City Animal Services. Some of our out-of-state partners include Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MACC) in Arizona and The Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

If you would like to help support animals at risk of euthanasia in shelters across the state of Utah and neighboring western states. Make your donation today at, and you can help save countless more lives.

For information on how to become a SOAR transfer partner, email

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