Volunteer Spotlight

Kayla Hirschmugl

If you have spent any time in Kitty City, you have probably run into Kayla Hirschmugl.

Kayla has always been an all-around animal lover. Growing up on Chesapeake Bay, she had tons of pets. She even rescued a baby squirrel after he was attacked by a dog (FYI, he survived and was even rehabilitated and released back into the wild!).

Kayla always has what she calls "a project cat," which is a cat in Kitty City that she knows will have a hard time standing out from the rest. She works tirelessly with her chosen cats, she socializing them, advocates for them, or grooms and feeds them. Thanks to Kayla, more than a dozen of these "project cats" have found their forever homes.

Kayla has 4 cats at her own home. In her "free time" Kayla is a second-year doctoral student at the University of Utah and is currently completing a rotation in the Salt Lake School District working with special needs children. In fact, 3 of her cats are special needs felines.

"I am so happy to be part of the HSU family. I have met some of the most amazing people since I started volunteering, and I love working with the cats in Kitty City. When they find their FURever home, I usually cry with joy. There is no better feeling."
Thank you.
Kayla - HSU

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