How Do You Produce 80 Million Cats?

It's simple. Just allow two cats and their surviving offsring to breed for 10 years. In that time you'll have produced 80,399,780 cats (this assumes two litters per year and 2,8 surviving kittens per litter).

Humans simply do not produce at these outrageous rates. Nor does every human born want a kitten. And since every cat needs a human (that's what domestic means), this adds up to a great deal of unwanted kittens and cats in our community. Please help us end this tragic overpopulation problem by spaying or neutering your cats.

First Year: 12
Second Year: 66
Third Year: 382
Fourth Year: 2,201
Fifth Year: 12,680
Sixth Year: 73,041
Seventh Year: 420,715
Eight Year: 2,423,316
Ninth Year: 13,968,290
Tenth Year: 80,399,780

Provided by the American Humane Association