Education Center Information

    The Humane Society of Utah employs a full-time Education Director who provides colorful, informative and thought-provoking programs for grades preschool through senior high, covering topics from basic pet care to complex ethical and moral issues. These pet education services are in constant demand throughout the Wasatch Front as well as in areas beyond.

    A highlight of an onsite pet education visit is that our Education Director often brings live animals to these presentations to give participants firsthand knowledge of the special needs and characteristics of domestic pets.

    A second, and equally important, function of the Humane Society of Utah’s Pet Education Center, is to offer Pet-Facilitated Therapy visits. These activities involve bringing shelter animals to hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities for individuals in need of the special benefits that interaction with animals bring.

    If you are interested in having a school presentation, or you would like a pet therapy visit to your facility, please contact Carlene Wall 261-2919 extension 209, for more information.

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