Success Stories

A year ago, we adopted Ziggy. He spent six months at the Humane Society waiting to be adopted so I’m sure he feels like a lucky rabbit
We just adopted Ash today - from the Murray location and we just love her - our boys (2 dog babies) are sharing their home
My partner and I adopted Gale Worley….now “Mr. Worley Parker-Baker” on January 25, 2014.
Ten years ago this month Jeff and I decided to stop in the Humane Society of Utah and ended up bringing home our first son, Our perfect little Sundance
I adopted Samuel at the end of July, 2013. He was listed as being 14 years old. I suspect he had been in the shelter over a month and had been on Fox 13 on their pet day.
It's safe to say that I didn't find Nora, she definitely found me. I wouldn't say I disliked small dogs, but they were certainly not on my radar as far potential pet adoptions went. In fact, when I met Nora - I wasn't looking to add a member to my family at all. I always liked big dogs
I already have Chihuahua's, but saw little Oliver online.
Scooby here. I just wanted to 'paws' a moment and tell you thank for all you did for me. You kept me safe, cool, fed and loved until my new family was ready for me.
This past April I found myself in shelter after shelter before I ended up in Kitty City. I'm four years old and don't know what I did wrong! All I know is the reason was because of 'another pet'.
Two years ago today I went to the Humane Society to see an 8 year old, severely neglected and abused Alaskan Malamute.