Adoption Process

When you come in to the HSU looking to adopt a pet you will first be allowed to walk through our dog, cat, and other animal areas and find an animal that you think fits your personality and lifestyle (and if you're not quite sure what type of animal will best fit you, just ask one of our friendly adoption staff to recommend one for you- they'll be happy to help!).

If you decide that you want to adopt the animal you will then need to fill out a form and be interviewed by one of our adoption staff to make sure that you and the animal will make a good match. If that works out, you'll pay the adoption fee and will receive some information and will be free to take your new pet home!

  • If you are part of a family please bring down the whole family and make the choice of a pet a family decision.
  • If you are adopting a second dog please bring your other dog(s) to the shelter with you to allow them a chance to meet his or her new friend and make sure that they get along.

Adoption Profile

To save some time, you are welcome to download our adoption application and then print it to complete it at home. Please bring the application with you when you visit our adoption center or offsite event. Profiles cannot be accepted by mail.

Download the Profile