Monday, November 19, 2011

HSU Animals Going "Home For The Holiday!"
Humane Society Volunteers Will Clear Our Kennels

Thanks to the hospitality of Humane Society of Utah volunteers, many animals available for adoption at the HSU will be spending this Thanksgiving and Christmas in warm homes, surrounded by kind, loving people!

“Alot of our animals will truly have something to be thankful for,” says Lesa Essary, the Humane Society of Utahʼs Volunteer & Special Events Co-ordinator who is continuing a tradition that started last year. “Our volunteers have really responded by generously opening their homes to many of our animals this holiday season.”

Instead of spending another day in the kennels at our shelter, these lucky cats and dogs will get to spend the holiday in homes of HSU volunteers, sharing time and perhaps a bit of the holiday feast! Volunteers will pick up the animals from 3-5 pm on Thanksgiving Eve (Wednesday, November 21st ). The media is welcome to speak with Lesa Essary about this program before, during or after the HSUʼs holiday “Exodus.”

“By getting these animals into homes, even for a little while, we hope to make the holidays more meaningful for our volunteers...and allow these dogs and cats to socialize more with people and other pets, making them even better candidates for adoption once they return to the shelter.”

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