Dog Rescues Family...Family Rescues Dog!

Sunday, December 16, 2011

Dog Rescues Family...Family Rescues Dog!

“Snow” is a 4 year old Chihuahua who saved the lives of Tonya Ostrander and her daughter Chehala Moore. Now Tonya and Chehala have returned the favor by adopting “Snow” from the Humane Society of Utah!

According to Ms. Ostrander, the dog she had taken home from the HSU on a trial basis awakened her and daughter Chehala in the early hours of Monday December 10th. Both Tonya and her daughter quickly realized they were both ill and summoned an ambulance. Both were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, which is often fatal.

According to Tonya, “I know “Snow” saved our lives. We probably would have never woken up if she hadnʼt started barking to alert us something was really wrong.”

After recovering from their ordeal, Tonya knew she had to make it official and adopt “Snow,” who had already been rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles by the Humane Society of Utah. “Snow” went to her “Forever Home” on Thursday, December 13 and has become Chehalaʼs best friend. Chehala is legally blind and now has “Snow” as her constant companion.